Trendy and Affordable Wholesale Apparel at 1 Fashion Clothing, Inc.

Published: 08th May 2008
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Trendy and Affordable Wholesale Apparel at 1 Fashion Clothing, Inc.

If you plan to start a successful clothing business, one great way to start would be buying wholesale apparel at a reputable company that guarantees quality, fashion, and cost-effectiveness. Today, lots of wholesale companies are in the market and you can find them both in directories or on the Internet. However, if you can't settle for less than quality wholesalers, don't miss 1 Fashion Clothing, Inc. Offering off-price women's clothing and fashion apparel, 1 Fashion Clothing, Inc. is an excellent site where you can browse thousands of tops, bags, dresses, and more, and choose the styles you fancy based on your budget.

Aside from the women's clothing and apparel they sell, 1 Fashion Clothing, Inc. also sells a lot of other items. Among the products sold include tops, halter tops, t-shirt, jeans, shorts, capri & bermuda, jackets, dresses, skirts, pants, sportswear, sweaters, pajamas, lingerie, outfit sets, girl's wear, boy's wear, men's wear, plus size clothing, and accessories such as jewelry, bags, belts and cosmetics.

Among the types of women's clothing and apparel sold are tops that range from light colors to dark tops, plain to colorful, long to short, and conservative to sexy. 1 Fashion Clothing, Inc. also gives particular focus to halter tops, selling spaghetti-strapped to tube-type halters. If you think there will be a lot of demand for t-shirts and more informal tops, 1 Fashion Clothing, Inc. can supply that as well, offering very casual comfort T-shirts to fancier silk shirts. You'll also earn by selling a lot of their fashionable dresses that come in various styles and cuts at reasonable prices. Their special lingerie line is excellent, with styles and quality not far from the famous designer lingerie in the market. Pants and skirts range from casual plaid to jersey makes to cotton comfy. Furthermore, 1 Fashion Clothing, Inc. offers something for the whole family and not just wholesale women's apparel. Girls, boys and men have a lot to choose from as well. The company also produces wholesale apparel for plus sized women to ensure they can be fashionable too within reasonable costs.

More than clothing and outfits, 1 Fashion Apparel, Inc. also whole sells a lot of fashionable accessories. Browse through colorful necklaces and bangles, sparkly yet durable bags, and fashionable belts. The company offers everything a woman needs - even cosmetics and make up. A true one-stop wholesaler for women's clothing and apparel, 1 Fashion Apparel, Inc. is one excellent and convenient supplier.

The website offers fresh merchandise and new styles all the time and often runs promos, specials and sales. Interested clients and customers can sign up for their e-mail newsletter to get updated each time there is a new promo. Unsatisfied customers can depend on the working return policy to get full refunds. Refused, unclaimed, undeliverable orders or merchandise returned caused by the error of customers are subject to 5% restocking fee in addition to all freight charges. Item(s) to be returned must be done 14 days upon receipt.

At 1Fashion Clothing, Inc, quality is the number one priority. Nevertheless, style, versatility and cost-efficiency are definitely not compromised.

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